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July 12, 2023


It was a wild ride, weaving melodies and rhythms that perfectly complemented the stunning visuals. Our team poured its heart and soul into creating a score embodying elegance and joie de vivre.”


LOS ANGELES, CA, UNITED STATES, July 11, 2023/ -- MEAN MACHINE’s executive creative director Clemente Bornacelli, executive producer Martin Estrada, and musical director Devin Hoffman, announced today the award-winning creative agency was selected to score the music for GREY GOOSE®’s latest product launch, a ready-to-serve martini cocktail in a bottle.

Dubbed the “Classic Martini Cocktail” by the premium vodka brand, MEAN MACHINE’s team produced original music scores for a series of spots, which were directed by award-nominated feature film director and photographer, Autumn de Wilde, who is best-known for her 2020 film debut, “Emma.” Also a renowned portraiture and commercial photographer, de Wilde has directed a series of short films for Prada's iconic Galleria bag, as well as directed five music videos for Florence + the Machine.

“We are thrilled to have the opportunity to work with Autumn and MullenLowe on this campaign. It’s very fun and a true collaborative process,” says Bornacelli, an award-winning creative director. The first advert – Grey Goose Vodka: Voilà! Now You See Me – opens up with a man in blue in a fully white room with blue podiums and decorations. From there a martini glass is shown and (the magician) covers it with a matching blue silk handkerchief. When he pulls it up, the GREY GOOSE® "Classic Martini Cocktail" bottle magically appears.

The spot, which will run through December, has been featured on Conde Nast sites and social media platforms in 20 markets. The campaign also includes print ads in various publications, including “Wine Spectator.”


MEAN MACHINE not only scored the project from beginning to end but developed the music in collaboration With the Director, agency creatives and its network of musicians.

“This was very much a creative partnership. We wanted it to feel like short stories, with each character having its own identity but keeping the campaign cohesive at the same time. We settled on an Orchestral composition with a Big Band slant. We needed it to sound whimsical and premium, so impeccable musicianship and timing was extremely important” explains Hoffman, an acclaimed composer, producer, bassist, and mixer. “Our expertise in a nutshell is that the music Mean Machine creates is something that feels true to the product, that feels real, and that’s because the music is created by real musicians who create music for a living, who are experts at their craft.”

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